Sharon BurlingameA former principal of Sharon Smith Burlingame’s writes that Ms. Burlingame “put children first in all that she did.” As an exceptional students teacher with Master’s level training in teaching deaf students, Ms. Burlingame served the entire county during her tenure with the Henderson County School District, even working to teach other instructors sign language and emphasizing strong communication with parents as they help their children navigate through the distinct obstacles many exceptional students face.

Ms. Burlingame was not only an educator, she was also an advocate for students and their families. She has served on numerous boards and committees designed to help students in need, including foster students and students with disabilities. During her career and since her retirement, Ms. Burlingame has continued to serve the purpose of education in Henderson County. She currently works with the League of Women Voters in Henderson County and is active in the Kids Voting program.

2016 Education Hall of Fame