Rosalind_Pardue_smRosalind Pardue is hailed as a creative, energetic and charismatic instructor, who made science fun through hands-on activities.

She taught science including biology and physiology at Hendersonville High School, in 1961-67 and 1990-99. She was faculty sponsor of HHS cheerleaders in 1961-62, and co-sponsor of National Honor Society students in 1963-68. She was quite the science student herself, winning first in the National Science Fair in 1957. She also taught science in Hendersonville Junior High in 1968-73 and briefly in Hendersonville Middle School. Since retiring, she’s volunteered as a reading tutor for Drysdale and Upward elementary students.

Mrs. Pardue is recognized for turning science into a fun academic adventure. “I wasn’t the kind of teacher who told ’em to read the next chapter, then answer the questions in the back,” she said. “I tried to make science more interesting, through experiments and ‘hands-on’ activities. So they’d learn, and it’d stick with them better.”

Attending Bearcat sporting or civic events, Mrs. Pardue is a familiar link to Hendersonville High’s academic and athletic legacy. She said that in turn, seeing her former students triggers wonderful memories and tremendous pride for “how well they’ve done in the community.”

2010 Education Hall of Fame